EC3 Mold Screening Test Kit – 6 Pack


EC3 Mold Screening Test Kit includes everything you need to test for elevated levels of mold in the indoor air or on belongings. Results in just 5 days!



Each kit contains 6 mold test plates and detailed instructions for testing indoor air or specific items for the presence of mold.  Testing takes just minutes to perform, and will provide accurate, conclusive results to help protect you and your family’s health in just 5 days.  Results indicate whether or not mold is present and has reached unhealthy levels with allergy and disease implications. This is NOT a diagnostic test and does NOT provide information as to the species or types of mold present. A results key is included in the kit.

Note: Each plate has an expiration date.  Use before expiration date.  As plates age, water will begin to condense onto the top of plate and may pool inside the plate.  When you are ready to perform test, drain excess water from the plate first.  Since the plates do expire, we do not accept returns for refunds.